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At Best of Nature, we have had a fantastic Spring/ Summer Season. From January to July, we have been very busy, shipping our products to all corners of the country. In a way, we are spreading the joy of Wartrace, Tennessee! Christmas is right around the corner, and we are busy preparing for that special season. A product we are particularly excited about is our new collection, “Christmas Traditions,” sure to fill your home with an aroma of crisp winter berries, with a background of spruce. If you have been asking yourself, “Where can I get fragrance oils?” look no further than Best of Nature. We are ecstatic to bring aromatherapy into your home!

We want Best of Nature to accompany you through all the seasons. Our line of products –candles and fragrance oils– is effective year round. Not only do they make fine Christmas gifts, they are also great for any holiday and birthday. Are you interested in creating a unique ambiance in your home? Candles and fragrance oils introduce aerial diffusion into a home and are a great way to reduce stress and to inspire creativity.

947-1263323368oQlX-300x281Best of Nature – candles and fragrance oilsNoses are perhaps an underappreciated part of the creative process. Many artists and writers cite smells as an important catalyst in their works. Smells invoke memories and bygone days. Imagine visiting a friend for a holiday party and he or she has our line of Peppermint Candy burning throughout the house. Suddenly memory transports you to your grandfather’s house. He was a big fan of peppermint candy. The party becomes a walk down memory lane and takes on a new dimension of meaning. The creative types thrive on these moments and you should too! Let Best of Nature transform a mundane atmosphere into something truly magical.

Are you feeling uninspired and stressed out? If so, please give us a call at 877-684-8313 or 931-684-8313. If you simply want to rearrange the ambiance of your home and life, you should consider our candles and fragrance oils. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday! As always, thanks for checking out Best of Nature!

-Irene (bestofnaturellc@gmail.com)

*Second image courtesy of Michael Drummond

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